Brian Mellor, Lake Manager
  Vickie Ricci, Office Manager
  Rosemarie Ritchie, Staff Secretary
  Jeff Ciszewski, Maintenance

  Brett Mellor, Maintenance

LBPOA Board of Trustees
  Dan Jackson, President
  Arnie Oliver, Vice President
  Judd Schuler, Treasurer
  Roger Estill,  Assistant Treasurer
  John Archer, Secretary
  Charles Sweeney
  Tony Nickles
  Paula Stanley

  Bloomfield Water Co.
  Larry Sheets, President
  Jim Schafer, Vice President

  Judd Schuler, Treasurer

  Robert Lloyd

Lake Buckhorn Office Staff (from Left to Right) Brian, Rosemarie, Brett, Vickie, Jeff

Staff and Office Hours:

The LBPOA staff has offices in Lakeview Hall, located on Buckhorn Cove, just south of the
main entrance to the community.  Office Hours: M, T, Th, F 8am - 4pm.  Closed Wed, Sat, Sun.  Hours may vary during the summer months.

All fees, dues, etc. may be paid at the LBPOA offices in Lakeview Hall. Boat, vehicle and recreational
vehicle registrations, are handled by the LBPOA staff.  Generally speaking, any business matters that
pertain to LBPOA and the Bloomfield Water Company can be handled at the LBPOA office.
The lake manager and office staff hold regular office hours, which are adjusted seasonally.
For information about current hours, please call the LBPOA office or email us at